What is Power Ups?

Power Ups exists to unlock the next frontier in computing, intelligent software. The introduction of agent endpoints into the software stack is already enabling ai-native apps that weren’t possible or economically feasible before. 

We transform the complexity of an “agent-stack” into a single API call. Don’t worry about building and maintaining data pipelines, retrieval strategies, memory, integrating the latest models, and all the other things you have to do to get agents working well. 

Get reliable responses to a query, in any format you want, over any dataset you choose. Plug this new reasoning engine into your existing apps or build your own on Power Ups. Our no-code app builder allows you to prototype and launch ideas for new ai apps in minutes. 

How does Power Ups fit into a dynamic ecosystem of Open ai, Langchain, Hugging Face, and others tools and approaches to building ai apps?

We offer a single API that connects you to an AI agent capable of retrieving, transforming, and reasoning over any data source. Agents are designed to plan and execute through a range of tasks and are controlled by your prompts. Agent endpoints help language models become more useful in the real-world by letting them make data-based decisions about their actions and plans.

While there are plenty of great reasons to build directly with Open AI or fine-tune models from hugging face, agent endpoints provide a quicker way to prototype AI apps and production-grade apis. You can build, test, and deploy an agent endpoint without writing a line of code. You can also use that endpoint to layer on a user interface to share with friends and co-workers.

Only time will tell but we think agent endpoints are an important building block in the new AI software stack and economy. 

Who is this product for?

Developers and product people from places like Netflix, Verizon, Uber, and DraftKings are building ai-apps with Power Ups.

If you’re a developer, we abstract away your “agent-stack” of building data and embeddings pipelines, reasoning over different data sources, optimizing prompts, integrating all the latest models, and all the other complexity that you have to deal with to get an agent working reliably with real world data. You can build and integrate a reasoning engine in minutes using Power Ups.

If you're a designer or product person, you can use agent powered endpoints to prototype and build ai-native apps. Agent endpoints are redefining the types of interfaces, interactions, and experiences we have with screens. Chat was just the beginning. Power Ups is the fastest way to prototype ideas and launch apps to your friends or customers. 

Is it secure?

We are SOC-2 Type II Compliant. Your data is never used for training models.

This is really interesting but I’m not sure if it’s the right fit for my project?

We recommend you book a product demo here and we can help answer questions and think about tradeoffs.